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Brambles all over the world!

Take a look at the map: it shows where all the Bramble Pi cases have gone to!

If your town is still not listed please add it yourself 🙂

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Bramble Pi assembly instructions

Please take care when assembling, it is plywood after all! Take your time.

  1. Start from the base (with ventilation grid), place your Pi on it to act as a guide. You can you the two little circular pieces to keep the Pi straight, as otherwise the SD card slot will tilt the board.
  2. Take the long piece (labelled A) with circular holes for the side of the Pi which has the audio and video plugs. Join the base and part A so that the letter is standing upright.
  3. Slide the other parts onto the base making the fingers cross. Just proceed anti-clockwise from part A till D. They should fit well together, neither too tight nor too loose.
  4. Finally add the top (with Raspberry Pi logo or other image engraved). This will make the whole structure more stable.
  5. Now it is up to you if you want to use the brackets for extra stability. They also act as feet and help cooling as there is a large ventilation grid cut out of the bottom piece.

Done! I wish you the best of fun with your cased Raspberry Pi!

ps: please take the time to leave me feedback on and feel free to write me with suggestions, questions, criticisms…

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