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OpenPCR ordered!

Finally Tobias and I have been able to place an order for the OpenPCR!!

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Raspberry Pi

I’ve just found out that I should get my raspberry pi at the latest by the end of June. This might sound like a long time but there’s several reasons behind that… Looking forward to… well playing around with it! 😛

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Recycled post!

From an earlier attempt (October 2011) to expose my ideas:

Tonight I’ve looked over some pages I’d bookmarked last week: &

Well I’ve come across a lot of interesting stuff in the first page! No doubt the most remarkable is an open source DNA oligomer synthesizer & microarrayer which was first published in 2004! Wow! Definitely “ahead of its time”… But also an orbital shaker and an electrophoresis chamber.

In the second, a wiki, well simply the amount of info there is overwhelming! I’m sure there are a couple of hidden gems there too…

These efforts convince me even further of the possibility to bring open hardware into science to change how science is done. Finally it should be possible to reduce the expense for acquiring the most commonly used instruments (bonus especially for small start-ups or poorer research institutions). More importantly the openness about the instrumentation used should speed up and facilitate innovation as the needs of scientists would translate sooner into practical solutions for unprecedented experiments. Then these open source developments would sooner reach potential users but also other people out there which can contribute yet more customizations and improvements.

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Open Hardware in science

Lately I’m thinking a lot about open source and open science. In that realm, my main interest lies in the possible benefits of using open hardware in science. With the recent foundation of the Open-Source Hardware Association, I hope it will be easier to find other scientists with which to conspire a strategy to inform the scientific community about open source hardware.

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